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1 Introduction

FXPMerger (previously known as WIFusiona) is an OTM utility that updates a 100% translated folder installed in OTM with an updating folder. In other words, merges two shipments. (See 4.5 for not 100% translated folders).

2 Requirements

- OpenTM2

- FXPMerger assumes zip.exe and unzip.exe are installed in your PATH or in the same directory as FXPMerger.exe. Several IBM tools already have these programs (OpenTM2 has them in the C:\OTM\PLUGINS\OtmMarkupTablePlugin\BIN). You can also download them from

- This application uses a temporary folder. This folder is retrivied from the environment. 

  1. The path specified by the TMP environment variable.
  2. The path specified by the TEMP environment variable.
  3. The path specified by the USERPROFILE environment variable.
  4. The Windows directory.

FXPMerger is a .Net 2.0 application, so it needs the .Net 2.0 framework. This environment is usually provided by the Windows OS itself, if not, the .Net 2.0 framework is available in the windows site.

If when you try to run the utility you see a warning "The application cannot be initialized correctly (0xc0000135). Press OK to end the application" is because .Net is not installed in your system.

Usually this happens on Windows XP if another application has not installed the framework. The file NetFx20SP2_x86.exe or similar to this one can be downloaded from Microsot site. You should look for "Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0" or Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 SP2". You can find it in

3 Installation

Install FXPMerger.exe in a directory and optionally zip and unzip.

4 User Guide

4.1 Introduction

FXPMerger merges a current folder with a new folder from a new shipment.

The current folder MUST be in OTM2 and MUST be 100% completed.

FXPMerger also runs some tasks

- Creates a backup folder of the current shipment.

- Merges the current folder with the new folder

- Creates some wct and useful info.

- Also lets you select the analyze options.

4.2 Hands On

We receive a DWC note, with the merge information:

We have in TM2 the current version 100% translated:

We download from DWC the material, let say in a S003 directory (the new shipment)

We call FXPMerger, and

a) We select the folder we have just download

b) The program will search for and try to select by itself the matching folder to be updated:

Very important BOTH folders should have the same folder names and same memory names. In other words

Folder AAA merge Folder BBB -> WRONG

Folder AAA with TM AAA merge Folder AAA with TM AAA_SPA -> WRONG

Folder AAA with TM AAA merger Folder AAA with TM AAA -> OK!

c) We should select WCT profile in for the counting reports

d) We should verify the analyze options:

After this is done, "Run Task" -> 

The folder we have place the folder will change:

After you ran the program, the directory will change:

- Current folder in OTM will be saved in 01_OTMBackup:

In case something goes wrong, you will have the original folder.

FXPMerger will try to back up the folder with ALL its memories. If for any reason (i.e. manually deleted) a TM to be searched or a TM for the documents is missing, will provide a warning. Pls, notice that if the folder is 100% none of these memories are needed, so, the process is still correct.

- The new folder will be placed in the 02_DWC for archive/backup purposes. This is the folder sent by DWC.

- You will have reports (CNT and Calculating)

And also the Initial folder ready to be translated (_INI.FXZ)

And an info.txt with the summary of the process:

As you can see 159 words as, DWC stated.

352 words from previous shipments.

In TM2 you will have analyzed ONLY the files from the new shipment.

4.2 Process

The process is the following

- If the updating folder is not a FXP, the program unzips the DWC fxz/zip

- We read the TM from the updating folder.

- The program obtains the list of files to be analyzed.

- A backup of the current folder in OTM is created in 01_OTMBackup

- A build archive is created from the current folder is created if the "Clean build archive (a new TM is created)". This will assure a "clean" TM. If the TM has information not included in the current files, this information is lost.

- The new DWC shipment folder is imported and merged.

- The now merged folder is analyzed.

- Calculating report and untranslated report.

- The new DWC shipment folder is moved to the 02_DWC.

- The merged folder in OTM2 is exported and zipped as ini.fxz

- Temporary files deleted

- Reports are read and the info.txt is created.

4.3 Troubleshooting

The program explains what is doing, so it depends were the problem arises, you should take or not recovery options.

For example if FXPMerger fails at the final stage, creating reports, the folder in OTM2 is merged correctly.

In any case, you will have always the 01_OTMBackup and the folder (zip/fxz,fxp, fhz) from DWC.

4.4 The "Clean build archive (a new TM is created)" option

This option when selected (default option) will create a new TM from the current shipment before is the new shipment is imported. We do so in order to create a clean memory.

But this in very very special situations would mean lost information. This happens for example when a lab sends a file named "A" in ship1, then sends a new version of the file "A" in ship2, and in ship3 sends again a new version of the file "A" with segments that were included in ship1 but not in ship2.

If you do not select this options, probably the actual values will not be so good, as "dirty" memories will lead to duplicates.

4.4 Folders and folders memories

FXPMergerEnvio uses the OTMBATCH functions, so, its behavior is the SAME as OTM2:

Let says we have in OTM2:

Folder A, with translated memory to be used as A, and translation memories to be searched A1, A_MT

DWC sends the folder to be updated:

Folder A, with translated memory to be used as A, and translation memories to be searched A2.


- The backup folder it created in 01_OTMBackup will have all TM (A, A1 and A_MT)

- As the folder to be imported has the TM A and A2, the merged folder will ALSO have A and A2 (the references to A1 and A_MT) are REMOVED (but not deleted from OTM"). This is the default behavior of OMT2

- The exported merged folder will have TM A and A2. If for any reason you need to assign more memories (for instance a MT memory), you have to do it in the OTM2 GUI environment.

Notice that IF the folder is translated 100%, this is FINE and working as designed. 

4.5 Merging folders that are not 100% completed

This has not been fully tested, but notice:

- You should NOT select Clean build archive (a new TM is created), otherwise you will lose the TM segments (the fuzzy information) related to the the untraslated segments.

- You should manually verify all memories are referenced in the folder properties. This is the normal behavior of OpenTM2, when you import a new folder, the original TM assignments are lost.