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MTEVal (Machine Translation Evaluation) in OpenTM2 - This post is an attempt to provide and score (BLEU) a MT (machine translation) used in a OpenTM2 folder.

Diving into OpenNMT - Is OpenNMT much better than Moses? - This post is an attempt to compare a Statistical Machine Transation (SMT)/Moses against a Neuronal Machine Translation (NMT)/OpenNMT using the multi-BLEU score.

Two OpenNMT C# REST API Clients - In this post you can find my approach for query a OpenNMT API Rest server using an C# aspx web client page (OpenNMTWebClient) and a C# console client program (OpenNMTConsoleClient).

CSharpWebClient for Straker APIs Demo - In this post you can review an ASP.NET C# VS2017 Community Edition site in order to test de Straker Translations API to call them for actual translation and translation automatisation.

Create a very secure ftp server (vsftp) on an IBM Cloud virtual server - In this post we will create an ubuntu virtual server in IBM Cloud, add an ftp server (vsftp) and a firewall for a 30 eur/month.

T4T Solution: WMT21 Similar Language Task for the Spanish-Catalan and Spanish-Portuguese Language Pair - I will explain the tech paper we presented the T4T for the Shared Task: Similar Language Translation for the WMT21 (EMNLP 2021 6th Conference on MT that was hold Nov 2021). This task is related to the translation between similar language pairs.

Language detection in an XLIFF using a SAX parser and IBM Watson Translator - The purpose of this application is to identify the most probable language of a target sentence in an xliff, and then create an excel output file with the confidence of each sentence. The confidence value is issued by the IBM Watson Translator offered on IBM Cloud.