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01 EXP2Bitext

Bitext (a language pair text files aligned) is a popular requirement in several environments. Unfurtunately, the OpenTM2 standard translation memory EXP is not a real XML so you need some programming in order to extract the source/target info.

This small command line program will read an xxxx.EXP file, will extract the text between the source/target tags in the EXP file, will join the info in one line and will create a xxxx_Source.txt and a xxxx_Target.txt sentence aligned.



where XXXX.EXP is an opentm2 memory. Pls, export it in SGML UTF-16. The output are 2 text files, sentence aligned (all the text in the source and target is joined in one line).

02 Download

You can dowload the windows binary in this page. You can also download the source if you wish. The program is open source under MIT license. If you want/need any feedback or just want to keep informed, you can do it in the Feedback page.

Source (VB/VS2008):