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01 About this site

This site is under construction, so probably even this simple page will change.

This is a personal site, with some programming material that could be of your interest if you are in the OpenTM2 world.

Please be aware that behind the programs or the site itself there is not a lot, but a looooooot of time, effort, frustration, investigation, headaches, and I better stop before I start crying.

02 Contribute

If you have any idea that could improve or support this site, I will be glad to discuss this with you. You can reach me at infomknals at gmail dot com.

98 Contact info

You can reach me at infomknals at gmail dot com for any matter.

99 Acknowledgements

- I also would like to ack the support and help that several people have provided me. Probably most of them are not aware how I have used them as guinea pigs :-), but I thank them.