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1 Overview

ZZ-PaT is a tool that allows automatically "transfer" thru and FTP server or a shared resource the folders to be translated from the Project Manager OpenTM2 workbench into the Translator OpenTM2 workbench, and once the Translator has finished the translation, from the Translator back to the Project Manager without manual steps. It also takes care of the administrative tasks.

ZZ-PaT will provide a common parcel to send the OpenTM2 translation material and will run all tasks related to the transportation and invoicing of the translation work.

Using ZZ-PaT the translation overhead tasks, i.e. file management and billing, are automatized.

ZZ-PaT will place all the translation material in a PaT file (i.e. folders and reference files). A PaT file is a zip with the folders, references and some control files.

ZZ-PaT is highly flexible in the sense that allows switching to the traditional workflow without pain.

The main steps with ZZ-PaT are the following:

You can find here the ZZ-PaT documentation.

In the following sections we will explain the basic operation with a simple use case

2 Use case: 3 folders to translate by an external translator

In this use case we will have:

- Translator "miguel_canals_CLOUD", we also will send him an email. We will use a FTP site to transfer/receive all materials.

- 3 folders DSM21ABD001 (400 words) ABD002 (53 words) and ABD003 (2723 words) to be translated

- 1 reference PDF and 1 reference folder for the translator

- As this is not the first shipment, we will need the initial calculating ABD001 (15), ABD002 (114) and ABD003 (323)

2.1 Step 1 - Project Manager: Creates and sends a PaT file to the Translator

In this step the PM with the help of ZZ-PaT will:

In our use case:

Translator -> miguel_canals_CLOUD

Folders -> DSM21ABD001, D002 and D003, with counting profiles PII20184 (notice how we can find out also the initial calculating (column IniCal) and the countigs words (column CNT), in this case 400, 53 and 2727 words).

Folder references -> We have drag and drop "Dummy_INFO.pdf" and "DSM21AAP001_SPA.FXP" as translation references.

Notes -> We also have add some notes to the translator ("Hi translator, Here ..."

PaT name (optional) -> The name of the pat file that will encapsulate all the info.

Pat output (optional) -> C:\tmp\t In this directory we will keep a copy of the PaT file sent to the translate for our reference.

After we are satisfied, we can send the folders to "miguel_canals_CLOUD" and external translator. This translator shares with us an FTP server (also it could be a shared drive for an inhouse translator). We press and the and the PaT file is placed in a ftp server and an email is sent to the translator.

2.2 Step 2 - Translator: Receives and installs the PaT file in the Translator machine

The Translator will be aware of the presence of a PaT file in the Exchange Area with the help of an email that is sent to him when the PM creates the PaT file.

The folder installation is pretty straightforward. The Translator will open a client program, the ZZ-InstallPaT, that will:

The folders will be ready to be translated by the Translator.


The email he receives:

He uses the ZZ-Pat client to download AND install the folders (NO manual download NOR manual folder install):

2.3 Step 3 - Translator: Sends the translated folders to the Project Manager

Once the folders are fully translated, the translator will use the ZZ-Pat client program, ZZ-InstallPaT, to return the translated folders. The program will:

Example: Translator sends the now 3 fully translated folders:

2.4 Step 4 - Project Manager: Receives the translated folders from the Translator

As noted in the previous step, the Translator ZZ-PaT client program will send an email to the Project Manager indicating that the folders are finished and ready to be collected by ZZ-PaT.

In order to complete all the tasks, the Project Manager only needs to load the manifest in ZZ-PaT and the program will:


The Project Manager receives and email, and uses the manifest file (DSM21_20190722_2007.XML) to fetch the folders from the ftp server.

After running the process, ZZ-Pat installs the translator folders in the PM (notice for each folder there is the counting information and support files (translator folders and calculatings). For instance, for DSM21ABD001:

Final calculating - Initial calculating = 389-14 = 375 payable words, (DSM21ABD002 -> 158-108=50, DSM21ABD003 -> 1440-305=1135)

The PO HTML has a summary: