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1 FAQs

What are the requirements?

ZZ-PaT is installed as a server-client program pair (one program in the PM machine another one in the translator machine).

How much it costs?

Nothing. Has been placed in github in You can use it free under the MIT license that only requires acknowledgment to the author. But be aware this program means a lot of hours and time effort, so understand that I will welcome any support or professional request.

Where are the binaries?

The program has been compiled Visual Studio Code (free) in 4.6.1 and uses the plain .Net framework. You can compile the binaries easily. To my knowledge you cannot store binaries in gitub, so you have these alternatives a) clone the repository and compile it in Visual Studio, b) send me an email and ask for them.

How I set up the program?

The solution provides a step by step guide. Remember need OpenTM2, an FTP server (for external translator) and email account send emails. Here you can download the ZZ-PaT Server install guide

2 Additional information

In GitHub you will find the following docs:

2.1 PaT file content

PaT is a Spanish acronym for "Package to be Translated" ("Paquete a Traducir)". A PaT file is a zip file that contents all the material you traditionally will send to the translator (plus some ZZ-Pat files). For example:

The mission of ZZ-PaT is to deliver the PaT file to the translator, but notice that even without any ZZ-PaT transporting feature, the translator would have all he needs once he receives the PaT file by any other mean.

2.2 The Exchange Area (EA)

Thru the doc, in several places, we will use the term Exchange Area (EA). This term describes a computer resource (an FTP server or a network resource) that can be accessed both from the Project Manager and the Translator. All the files that are exchanged between the Project Manager and the Translator go thru this area.