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Right now, there is only one document:

  1. Translator Guide. This document expains to the translator ho to instal ZZ-InstallPaT in his machine.

01 Translator Guide

Automatic PaT overiew with ZZ-InstallPaTWPF

ZZ-InstallPaTWPF is a client program that reads and manages PaT files.

PaT file is the acronym for the spanish "Paquete a traducir" (Package to be translated). A PaT file is a ZIP file that contains:

A PaT file can be processed:

The typical flow for ZZ-InstallPaTWPF is the following

This document explains how to setup the ZZ-InstallPatWPF environment from the translator side.

ZZ-InstallPaTWPF overview

ZZ-InstallPaTWPF is small program than scans the "exchange area" and if a PaT file file is present it will unpackage and install it in the translator machine.

It also will be used to return the translated files and place it in the "exchange area" in order to be collect it by the PM.

ZZ-InstallPaTWPF requirements and installation


In order to install ZZ-InstallPaTWPF you should place in a directory the following files (i.e C:\ZZ-PatProg):

NOTE: Right now the install dir cannot contany ANY blank space. We will try to overcome this problem.

The last think we have to do is to configure the ZZ-InstallPaTWPF_PAR.XML. You can edit the clear text parameters file outside the ZZ-InstallPaTWPF. You cannot edit the password fields as these are are encrypted with salt.

You can close the program, ZZ-InstallPaTWPF is ready to be used.


Material to be translated (a PaT file) is ready to be collected from the "exchange area"

Usually before we could start a task, we should be aware that something is to be done (translated). This "awareness" can be done in several ways.

From the "exchange area" to OpenTM2

Then you start the program ZZ-InstallPaTWPF.exe. The main window will be opened and the program will be entering in a loop. In this loop ZZ-InstallPaTWPF checks de "exchange are" searching for a PaT file. If a PaT file is found, it is dowloaded to your machine and a popup comes up:

Email material notice

You have to select "YES".

OpenTM2 should be closed, if not, a blocking message will come up:
OpenTM2 is running

The process will start and if no errors, the manifest hmtl file and information dialog will come up:
ZZ-InstallPaTWPF ends succesfully

Translation process

The translation process is as usual. You should use all the information provided in the PaT. During this stage, in the main ZZ-InstallPaTWPF window you can select the option "Info PaT & Info PaT " that will open the directory with the PaT content and the html manifest file.

Obviouslly, ZZ-InstallPaT can be closed.

Return process

Once you have finish the translation. ZZ-InstallPaT should also be used to return the folders. You do NOT need to export them and send them.

  1. Close OTM (if not ZZ-InstallPaT will complain.)
  2. In ZZ-InstallPaT main window select the PaT name you have finished. All the folders related to this PaT will be sent.
  3. Select the pushbutton "Return PaT". A warning dialog will come out:
    Return PaT warning
  4. Select "Yes". The folders are exported, zipped and placed in the "exchange area".
  5. An email is sent to the PM (you are unware of this fact)
  6. The PaT will me moved to the "Done and Sent!" area in the main window
  7. After a succesfull process a dialog comes up:
    PaT is returned

Now you have finished so far. Nothing else is expected from your side.

Purchase order

Once the PM has received the material, the last step is to provide you the invoicing info that you should receive "manually" (as it has been done up till now) or by the ZZ-PaT server side. If this is the case, you sould recive an email like this one:
PaT is returned

You should send your invoice with this note in order to easy the invoicing process.