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OpenTM2 Tools -> FXPMerger -> Overview

FXPMerger (previously known as WIFusiona) is an OpenTM2 utility that updates a 100% translated folder installed in OpenTM2 with an updating folder, usually downloaded from the upstream vendor.

Once you have the fully translated folder in your OpenTM2 folder and the new updating folder, you have to open FXPMerger, select the downloaded file, a calculating report profile in order to know the initial calculating of the merged folder, and run FXPMerger.

FXPMerger will merge both folders in the OpenTM2 folder, ready to be translated.

The tool will also save the original folders (the one fully translated) and the one downloaded in case you need to restore the original environment.

It will also create the initial folder (that can be sent to the translator) and the initial calculating folder.

In the Documentation page you will find more detailed information.

You can dowload FXPMerger from the Download page.

Check this video if you want to have a quick idea about what it does: