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1 CSharpWebClient for Straker APIs Demo

The CSharpWebClient for Straker APIs Demo is a set of apsx pages using C# code behind and developed on Microsoft VS 2017 Community Edition (freely available). These pages provide an interface to the Straker Translation API. Straker Translations provides a Sandbox environment to run these API. The purpose of the site is to test these APIs. APIs can be called from any C# flavor (and obviously from other languages).

You can find a live demo in I cannot guarantee any level of service as this a private site and the API or the Straker policy service can change. There are the following options:

Capture 01

1.1 Submits a file job for translation / 1.2 Submit a text for translation

The options 1 and 2 allow you to send a .RESX XML file or a plain text. The API will create a job to be processed inside Straker translation services. In a real environment the job will be "COMPLETE" once the file is translated in Straker premises. In the demo we have to "COMPLETE" the jobs manually in the job list. The returned file will be returned translated if the source/target pair exists.

1.3 Retrieves a list of jobs

This option displays the job files sent. Also here you will be able to manually "COMPLETE" your jobs, and after that you will be able to display/download the translation.

1.4 Get a list of available languages

This page will show the list of available languages. Remember this is a demo, so many of these pairs will produce no translation.

1.5 Quick Guide

2 Additional information and notes

3 MIT License